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Single Action Shooting is a shooting sport. Well, it's a bit more than your average shooting sport!

Gun Carts

We shoot firearms typical of those used in the taming of the Old West: single action revolvers (like Colt and Ruger six-shooters, Bisleys, "break tops," and heaps more), pistol calibre lever action rifles (like Winchester 1873s and 92s and 96s and Marlins and Rossis and, yup, heaps more), and old time shotguns (double barrel, side by side, external hammers and internal hammers).

Traditional Colt style pistols
Traditional Colt style pistols


Winchester 1873 Rifle (Uberti)
Winchester 1873 Rifle -

Side by Side Hammer Shotgun
Side by Side Hammer Shotgun

Oh, and we do it Old West Style: dressed like cowboys, cowgirls, Victorian-era Gentleman and Ladies, and even cavalry, and (yup, again), heaps more. But we also adopt an "alias" - a cowboy/girl name appropriate to a character or profession of the late 19th century. Some folks choose a Hollywood western star, or an appropriate character from movies or books. A lot of folks enjoy the costume part of our sport as much or more than the shooting part!

Cowboy Costume Vest and Bowler/Derby hat
Lucky Strike, Townie

Lucky Ned Pepper, a working cowboy

Rancher and daughter
Trixie Belle and Sam Sixkiller (real Historical Figure)

Frontier Scout
JJ Cobb, Frontier Scout. The hand made gun cart is great for carrying your guns, ammunition and for somewhere to sit

You don't have to spend a lot of money on costumes (but many of us want to!). There are really good costume "finds" at Op Shops. The costumes and character side of things set our sport apart from all others - and they are key pieces of Cowboy Action Shooting. You can't shoot CAS if you ain't a cowboy at heart! You only need a Hat (no Baseball Type Caps - just something like an Akubra or whatever you can afford), Boots (no sneakers), Long Sleeve Shirt (no T's) and a pair of Jeans. Ladies don't have to wear a Hat or Long Sleeves.

We shoot big metal targets (not too far away), and we do it on a timer, through the doorways and windows of the fronts or facades of buildings, like a jail or train station or saloon (and heaps more). Each scenario or stage, as it is properly called, features a bunch of situations, many based on famous incidents or movie scenes.

Scarlet shooting Rifle
Scarlet shooting Rifle, Moonshine behind her holding the timer

Stock Ofice Facade
Stock Office Façade, with a group of Cowboys and Cowgirls (and an Indian) finding out about the next challenge

It's a heap of fun. And you can get started without spending a million dollars. Real good second-hand firearms are available (because folks buy new firearms and try different types and different shooting categories). There is a might bit of work to get a firearms licence if you don't have one, but there's also lots of help to get you through the process.

Find out more by visiting SASS - Single Action Shooting Society, and of course, checking the links in the footer on this site. You can just send us a message via that new fangled email stuff of course!

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